We make it simple for your organisation to innovate.


Technical consultancy and development

Do you wish to innovate, but do not know where to start? Do you want to benefit from large amounts of data, but do not know how to develop new business from them? Do you want to gain new business insights, but are lacking the right information? We help you to find answers to these questions.

SpingSmart combines consultancy with technical development. We do not just find new opportunities and give advice, but can actually make innovation happen. We have a practical approach and apply the concept of less is more. No long reports that are never read, no software development projects that never end. We aim at bringing visible added value to your organisation by delivering tangible results and practical solutions.

Areas of expertise

Although we can potentially take on any innovation challenge, our team has a strong background and track record in the following fields and topics:

  • Monitoring services and sensor technology
  • Internet of Things (IoT) and telecommunications
  • Earth Observation and (satellite) remote sensing
  • Geographic information and location-based services
  • Data fusion, analysis and image processing
  • Information presentation and communication
  • Software development and IT

What we offer

Technical consultancy

  • Strategy: innovation, business analysis, positioning, entrepreneurship
  • Business development: business cases, use case development, feasibility studies
  • Technology: data and information, (business) process optimisation, IT

Technical development

  • Prototypes and proof of concepts
  • Tailor-made software development
  • Systems engineering and integration of smart technologies and applications


Maritime & Logistics

Maritime & Logistics

Smart Cities & Environments

Smarter Cities & Environments

Water & Weather

Water & Weather

Why we are different

Unique blend of expertise

What sets us apart from others is our uique blend of expertise: technology/engineering, business and communication. We can communicate with and understand directors, scientists, managers and developers and bridge the gaps between them.

Connecting dots

At SpingSmart we connect the dots of technology and are able to structure and present information in a clear and concise way. With years of experience with tech projects and startups and a large network we are the flexible and reliable partner for your challenge.

A fun team to work with

The people in our team enjoy what they are doing and we radiate our enthusiasm to our environment. Your business or technical challenges may be serious, but we help you solve them with a smile.

About SpingSmart

SpingSmart is a new company which combines the expertise and experience of Sping, Knalblauw and DataCraft.

The current team of SpingSmart consists of professionals with varying backgrounds, including electrical engineering / telecommuni­cations, geomatics (remote sensing, GIS) and business strategy.

To our team we offer a dynamic working environment where entrepreneurship is highly encouraged. Clients and partners can expect from us the flexibility of a startup, while offering the business network and experience of an established company at a same time.

Founded by



Jan Gerard Snip



Sabine de Milliano



Koen Verberne


Get in touch

Would you like to learn more about our services? Ideas for collaboration? Feel free to drop by at our office for coffee & chocolate.

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E: info@spingsmart.nl
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